Lockdown Live Lounge: Sitka Sun & Kashu

Okay. You know it. We’re all stuck in quarantine. We may have been living off peanut-butter toasties and seeing how long we can leave our hair unwashed because, well… just because.  But at least we’ve still got the internet (oh, holy one!) and the music. With everyone being stuck indoors, we have a brand new online series for you: Lockdown Live Lounge.

Lockdown Live Lounge invites our favourite artists, local and afar, to live-stream a mini gig from their homes. Every Monday and Thursday at 2pm give your ears and eyes a little hug from the freshest talent across the UK. An intimate experience direct from living room to living room, we invite you to sink into our ‘Lockdown Live Lounge’, but from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to get dressed to go out. 

This week we’re back with Stepping Tiger to present California-based Sitka Sun. Sitka Sun, at its deepest roots, is a jazz ensemble that showcases the collaborations & original compositions of bassist Patrick Murphy. The music revolves around a foundation of interwoven melodies, meditative rhythms and psychedelic textures. Murphy encompasses his studies of classical, jazz & a thirst for roots music from around the globe, combined with the blend of acoustic and analog sounds to create a distinctive, multi-dimensional sound. Their debut album is designed for long drives, desert landscapes and contemplative days, with their highly-anticipated follow-up planned for release in September on Californian record label Long Road Society. We’re excited for a lounge style set from Patrick, featuring gems from the album plus some exclusive new material!

Secondly, we’re delighted to welcome to the beguiling soulful tones of Kashu. Showcasing the creative song-writing of Olivia Bhattacharjee, Leeds-based Kashu provides a genre fusing display of soul, groove-led blues and jazz-folk. Pre-pandemic you’d find the Kashu project as a quartet with vibraphone, drums, bass and rich vocal harmonies. But in this lo-fi solo session, sit back and melt into an acoustic palette of sound that will soothe and scintillate. In the wake of her other project Noya Rao, this unreleased, independent artist hopes to bring you new music at the end of 2020. Keep your ears pricked!

Join us on our Facebook page for Sitka Sun on Monday 11th May, 7pm and Kashu on Thursday 14th, 2pm.