Lockdown Live Lounge: New Junior

Lockdown Live Lounge returns with another concert, from one home to another! We may still be (2 metres) apart, but now more than ever we need to connect with our online communities to bring us together. We hope to do just that this week, with some more fresh talent from around the globe.

Lockdown Live Lounge invites our favourite artists, local and afar, to live-stream a mini gig from their homes. Every Monday and Thursday at 2pm give your ears and eyes a little hug from the freshest talent across the UK. An intimate experience direct from living room to living room, we invite you to sink into our ‘Lockdown Live Lounge’, but from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to get dressed to go out!

This week, we return with Liverpool-based producer and vocalist, New Junior! The forward-thinking project of Josep Mott, New Junior’s production style draws from the likes of Chance The Rapper and De La Soul, combined with a Tom Misch/Chet Faker-esque vocal delivery.

As a saxophone and trumpet player, New Junior’s sound is often defined by brass fanfares and stabs along with large choir vocals, creating an overall playful and positive sound..

His most recent single ‘Flaws‘ encompasses a message of self acceptance as a creative, and choosing not to be defined by what’s currently ‘on trend’. We’re eagerly awaiting his upcoming EP ‘First Try’, where we can hear more of his quirky lyricism and fusion of multiple inspirations.

In the meantime, join us on our Facebook page for his Lockdown Live Lounge on Monday 24th August, 2pm.