Liebeskid – In Your Eyes I Look Bigger

“In Your Eyes I Look Bigger” is the new single by a Russian singer/songwriter Liebeskid released on the Berlin-based label Unperceived Records on 14th May, 2020.

It offers a delicate, piano-led ambience, with rich vocals, and lyrics which reach out to connect in a profound matter. A meditation on darkness and intimacy, restrained and slow-burning, it forms an intriguing mist and tension from the very beginning.

Liebeskid favors sounds that are stark, minimalist, and haunting, using little more than a piano to leave a lasting, tingling impression. Though the song ends as quietly as it starts, the ambient fog lingers far longer making it the perfect piece to escape within at volume. The very way in which the song was created and produced, alone in a small room, is precisely how it is best to be received.

“In Your Eyes I Look Bigger” is out now and is available to download HERE.