Kickstarter: Make Radio 24 Hour

That’s right folks! Melodic Distraction Radio has launched a Kickstarter  to make our radio station broadcast 24-hours a day, 7 days-a-week and 365 days a year. Follow the link to get involved and read on below to find out more…

Alongside this? A brand-new website, a mobile app for android and iPhone and tons more radio shows, parties and community-focused projects. To accomplish this, we are looking to raise £10,000 to pay for the digital infrastructure required to achieve full internet radio capacity. There are loads of boss rewards to cop such as branded merchandise, a compilation of local music and even a trip to Peru…

The Station

A definitive voice in Liverpool’s independent music scene, Melodic Distraction Radio currently broadcasts six evenings a week from the heart of Liverpool’s thriving Baltic Triangle.

Starting in January 2017 with just 10 monthly shows, the station has blossomed into a 75 show monthly schedule that includes hosts such as Africa Oyé, Liverpool Disco Festival, Gottwood Festival and many of Liverpool’s most cherished DJs, music venues, musicians and promoters.

The station broadcasts audio and visual content via Facebook Live and Vimeo, welcoming over 750,000 listeners in the past 18 months. The station also broadcasts an audio stream via the Melodic Distraction website when shows are live on air.

Our Community

Over the past 18-months, Melodic Distraction has moved far beyond the boundaries of a traditional radio station; evolving into a community of DJs, musicians, promoters, record collectors, labels, producers, bloggers, festival organisers and so much more.

We value the extended family that has sprung up around Melodic Distraction Radio more than anything else we do. The studio is always alive with creativity and excitement – hosts arrive each month with a genuine buzz, ready to jump onto the airwaves with new music, old music and fresh ideas.

In 2018, we moved into a new chapter and began reaching out to the local music community. One such project, the Melodic Distraction DJ Workshop for Chicks have been a huge hit. The brain child of our studio coordinator, Nina, they have sold out every time, helping guide budding radio, club and home DJs toward more enjoyment and potential careers in the art form.

The Future

Looking forward, we want nothing more than to continue to grow in the same, organic way that we have done since the beginning.

It may sound cliché, but Melodic Distraction Radio is a product of its environment and undoubtedly its show hosts. We want to continue to increase the number of shows we can host on a brand-new website with an extended schedule and mobile capabilities. So, this is where you come in…

The £10,000 we are aiming to raise through a Kickstarter will enable Melodic Distraction Radio to run 24-hours a day through LIVE and RELOOPED radio shows on our website and mobile app all day, every day. Currently, we have capacity for a maximum of just 6-hours of radio each day. With the capabilities available to us via a new website and mobile app this will become a thing of the past. HUZZA! Tune in, whenever, wherever you please from around the world and support your local radio station.

There’s a brand new video dropping on Monday 9th July at 8pm, with all the information on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign so tune in and check it out!