Khalil Anthony – Reign Down EP

Khalil Anthony’s voice has decorated the House and Electronic music landscape for some years now.

With his latest release he shifts levels yet again by working with a range of talented producers from around the globe to create Scarab Beetle, nine reworks of tracks taken from his original 2018 album, Junebug.

In anticipation of the full LP coming out later this year, in conjunction with Urban Folk Music, Black Beacon Sound have announced the release of the ‘Reign Down’ EP.

Featuring the irresistible groove of Marcel Vogel on ‘Come See Me’ and the infectious beats of Rimarkable on the title track, ‘Reign Down’, these two funk-fulled house cuts will put some glide in your slide, a wiggle in your hips and no doubt leave you thirsting for the rest of the album.

Reign Down is out now and is available to purchase here.