J. Madden – Two Birds

J. Madden (James Madden of Seatbelts & Hooton Tennis Club), releases second single ‘Two Birds’ out digitally & 7” vinyl (via Flying Vinyl) on 6th August 2021. James explains: “The song is written from the perspective of a person imagining flying – elevating above the absurd and the uncertain in an attempt to recapture their ‘cool’. I played the song for a friend, who then suggested reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It really resonated: a lonely quest for meaning and creativity in a busy and demanding world of terrestrial distraction”.

‘Two Birds’ was written in summer 2020 when – having been unexpectedly gifted a piano, a Fender Rhodes, some vintage monitors and a lot of free time – James began to rediscover the joys of bedroom recording.

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