Interview: Sub Blue

Ahead of his guest show on Melodic Distraction later this week, we chat with alternative R&B artist and Liverpool native, Sub Blue. Taking his name from his self-described style of music ‘suburban blues’, Sub Blue has already been championed by the likes of Spotify, Earmilk and BBC 1Xtra. His brand new EP ‘Honesty’ is no different, securing the support of tastemakers from far and wide. We find out more about his most emotional body of work to date below…

Hey SB! We’re loving your brand new EP, ‘Honesty’. Can you tell us a bit more about the ideas behind it?

The inspiration behind the project was a breakup, but the idea behind the title came from the fact I kept seeing the angel number 444 everywhere whilst making the project. When I googled the meaning, it stood for honesty and inner wisdom. The project is probably the most honest I’ve been about my experiences. 

Who were you listening to a lot whilst making it? 

I was listening to a lot of the Canadian artist ‘SAFE’, Tory lanez, Frank Ocean and Bryson Tiller. 

How did you first get into music? 

I first got into music from a young age, I remember my aunt overheard me singing and entered me into a talent competition and it all started from there. 

Would you say your sound has evolved much since debut EP ‘Suburban View’? If so, how?

I’d most definitely say it’s evolved, but I think there’s still aspects from that first project that I use, like the little weird sounds and samples. Using voicemails from Dad is also a recurring theme with his words of wisdom – should out pops.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice before starting your music career, what would it be?

I think it would definitely be to live more in the moment. I think I find myself stressing a lot about what’s next instead of being present.

What else is on the horizon for you?

New music, a headline show and who knows, maybe something in fashion. 

Join Sub Blue for his guest show on our airwaves this Thursday, 17:00 – 18:00, and listen to ‘Honesty’ below:



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