Interview: Pigeon

We’re swooping out of Liverpool for a hot sec and down to Margate to chat with Falle Nioke’s new project – Pigeon. Also made up of Steve Pringle (Michael Kiwanuka), Graham Godfrey (Little Simz, SAULT), Tom Dream and Josh Ludlow (Soma World), this dynamic 5-piece fuse afro-disco, grunge, no-wave and jazz, heard on debut EP ‘Yagana’. As big fans of all aforementioned artists here at MDR, this news made us incredibly excited – and listening to the EP certainly didn’t disappoint! Join us as we find out more about the project and more below… 

Hey Pigeon! We’re in love with your debut EP ‘Yagana’ – can you tell us a bit more about the process of making it?

As we only had one day to record the EP, we just listened to ourselves, ha! We all have such differing musical backgrounds and interests the melding of genres is purely an organic thing. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the themes ‘Yagana’ explores?

Yagana means it’s been a while or a long time, but if you want to find out more, Falle has translated all the lyrics somewhere on line… We recommend 

We’re also huge fans of your other projects here are MDR (Falle Nioke, Michael Kiwanuka, SAULT, Soma World…) Would you say your work as/with these other artists influences the sound of Pigeon?

I think it’s hard for influences from our other projects to not creep in, but conversely, none of us make music that resembles Pigeon outside of the band. 

The music video for ‘It’s You’ is truly stunning. How do you use visual art to communicate strong messages and emotions?

We can only thank our Federico Urdaneta, lovely new friends at Binalogue for that video. We’re just getting started on the visual side of things, but they’ll definitely be playing a huge part in the evolution of Pigeon. 

Do you envisage performing these songs live? Where would be your dream venue to play in?

We have played the songs live, and will continu to do so, but they are slightly (or very) different each time. That’s what the Pigeon live show is all about – energy! 

Venue wise: Anywhere we can make noise and people can get transcendental with us.

What was the last record you each bought?

Josh Ludlow: Master Genius – Let’s Break Into The 80s

Graham Godfrey: 10CC – Bloody Tourists

Steve Pringle: Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong

Tom Green: pigspigspigspigspigs – viscerals

What’s coming up next for Pigeon?

More releases, more shows. The pigeon must fly!

‘Yagana’ is out now on Soundway Records – support here and check out the video for ‘It’s You’ below!



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