Host Spotlight: PLUSH

Hey PLUSH! We’re excited for your party at Q U A RR Y on the 16th. What can we expect from the night?

Nath ~ You can expect totally freedom on the dance floor, to escape the dystopia of city life and to interject in a collective soul binding experience met through the togetherness of dance ❤️

Ollie ~ Oiiii ! So, from PLUSH, we can expect absolute joy, always, and forever . QUARRY is our home, Yeno Tha is the soundsystem, you, me, and the next kidda are the family . We stack fat lineups, this time 18:00 – 06:00, ooft . And, going in with this one we’ve got : Dub, Jazz, Psychedelia, Disco, Funk, Reggaeton, Latin, 2Step, Breaks, Electro, UK Bass, Edits, Techno, Trance, Jungle, 140, 160, UKG, Bassline, Acid, DnB, and we’ve got MCs all night long, bangin !

How was PLUSH born? What are the main ethos’ of the collective?

Ollie ~ Naybo and me have always wanted to put a party on, and after we went to London to celebrate and play the South Wav People’s Party (V/A Comp. release party, Sept. ’21), we came home and boxed a party for six weeks later . It’s all about unifying our Scouse scene, whilst inviting people from other cities in the UK, and worldwide, to connect the dots, and get Liverpool back on the global map, lez go 🌐

Peace, Love, and Unity are at the core of what we do . The PLUR ethos of Rave manifesting itself, once again . Leave the ego at the door xoxo

And, now, PLUSH ! Peace Love Unity Surrender Hope . The recognition of spirit, in all, allows God to float through our fingertips and bring the party to life . I serve, and badabingbadaboom, we have a banging party xoxo

Nath ~ we both came up with the idea half a kip after playing London for the same time in our mates cousins house! September 2021! We wanted a space where high ticket prices didn’t off put the ravers, & extortionate fees off put our ethos of the danceeeeee .

What’s your take on the Liverpool music scene? Where do you hope to see it in five years?

Nath ~ I personally have felt Liverpool is a pocket of absolute talent through & through, but has its negatives with cliquey natures/egos preventing a certain purity that has always came with dance music. I always think back to the 90s when people were so excited to collaborate that it was unstoppable, & that’s what we aim to do! Expand, Collab & give anyone serious enough a chance to join the collective!

Ollie ~ Love/Hate relationship with the scene . In the past, i always felt that the fat beats i wanted to hear were far n few between, but it’s cos i wasn’t onto all the heads that have been doing it for time . Now that i’ve learnt who’s doing wa, and made friends with soooo many lovely people, i feel that what we’ve got is phenomenal, and it can stand alongside Manny, Leeds, & London . RESPECT to allll the heads who’ve come into our gorjy city and absolutely smashed it with their party, crew, crowd, ideas, and all the other goodness .

Yet, now, i feel that born and bred scousers are making serious moves, again . Shouts to the crews holding it down, and inspiring, and obvs all the creative kiddas on the scene . Obvs, everyone in Lpool is a scouser, love yous, and i love all the external love, but as someone who’s been born here i’m just buzzing that ancient scouse energy is at play, again, cos it’s rawwww as, and nothing can stop it once it’s rolling xoxoxo

Liverpool has such a beautiful history with dance music, like Cream, Voodoo, and moooore underground heads, belter, and am just so buzzing to be a part of that history . It’s you, and us, and everyone who’s doing bits . Scouse state of mind xoxo

Oh, and in the next 5 years, idek, i can’t see into the future, but i just know it’s gon be bangin xoxo

Outside of PLUSH, what other projects are you involved in?

Ollie ~ Keeeeep It Cryyyyyyptic partyparty and record label gang ! Sound of Drowning is my production and DJDJ alias, few tracks out on LimbsProject, Reptilian Establishment, KRTZ6 & an EP on Cryptic’s label. I also have a label in the works titled DESTRUXXXION Records where am gonna release my sing songy hardcore gear, so stay peeled if u like Slayer meets Bass xoxo

What was the last party you went to (that wasn’t your own)?

Ollie ~ Outlook fezzy in the UK ! BASS ! Literally just got back, wow ! Fat soundsystems, and celebrating them with heaaavy DJs spinnin heaaavy tunes . mashed potato, m8 . bigupz the Iration Steppas soundsystem, ooft xoxo

What else do you have planned for 2022?

Ollie ~ fun xoxo

loads more parties, obvs, and keeping this energy expanding xoxo

At QUARRY, we’ve got a party with South Wav People’s Party on 10.09, a shp00ky Halloween one on 29.10, and we’re gonna be celebrating NYE with QUARRY, toooo !

There’s a few collllllabs in the works, as well, but all TBC, so stay locked on all realms xoxox

plus, S.o.D. x DJ X-TRAKT release on Burial Soil in Berlin, ooeeeee xo

safe, the firm xo


|| PLUSH||