Host Spotlight: Rebecca Vasmant

Host Spotlight: an opportunity to shine a light on our wonderful radio hosts and wider community, be it a new music release, a brand new music residency or simply to champion them as an individual. This week, we sit down with our Glaswegian queen Rebecca Vasmant, who has some very exciting news!

Musician, producer, DJ and curator Rebecca Vasmant is launching her own record label ‘Rebecca’s Records’, with her own album ‘With Love, From Glasgow’ as the debut release.

In association with K7 Music, Rebecca’s Records aims to represent the amazing talent coming from Scotland, from jazz and hip-hop through to electronic and spiritual. Recorded and mixed at Stanmore Road, Glasgow, ‘With Love, From Glasgow’ is a collaboration between Rebecca and 23 Scotland-based musicians, showcasing the breadth of the incredible jazz talent the city has to offer.

Having made a name for herself with a residency at Sub Club, Rebecca curated the first live jazz showcases at the venue, as well as hosting record fairs and securing spots on BBC Radio Scotland and Worldwide FM. She also airs this facet of her irrepressible musical passion at key events like Worldwide Festival Sete, Glasgow Jazz Festival, EFG London Jazz Festival and Jazz Cafe London. While promoting and touring in over 22 countries constantly over the last five years, Rebecca has honed her craft on production projects which feature world class musicians from The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and more. Her talents are not only in spinning records, but in composing, producing and performing. 

‘With Love, From Glasgow’ is a textured, emotive and calming listen through all 11 tracks, telling personal stories of life and thoughts. A crucial insight into the modern day sounds of a thriving city, Rebecca explains that ‘there is such crazy wealth of talent in Glasgow and I wanted to make an album that captures this, as well as my own love and passion for deep and spiritual music. It’s been a real honour and pleasure working with the hugely talented musicians who came together to collaborate in such a free and beautiful way. An amazing family has formed, something for which I am so grateful.’

‘With Love, From Glasgow’ is released via Rebecca’s Records on 4th June 2021, both digitally and on vinyl. Follow Rebecca here to keep up to date and in the meantime, listen back to her latest radio show on Melodic Distraction below!