Host Spotlight: Jacinta

Host Spotlight: an opportunity to shine a light on our wonderful radio hosts and wider community, be it a new music release, a brand new music residency or simply to champion them as an individual. This week, we chat with Liverpool-based DJ, producer and Hyacinthia host, Jacinta! We find out more about her music career so far and what exciting ventures lie ahead… 

Jacinta’s musical journey began as a dancer from age 3. Swapping the dance industry for events during her teenage years, her love for electronic music was born. Joining the university DJ society in 2016, Jacinta began DJing on a regular basis, playing in various clubs along the south coast as well as slots at the Isle of Wight Festival and Camp Bestival.

However, this time didn’t come without its challenges: ‘being one of the only female DJs I had many odd encounters with people. I tried to give up a couple of times at university; being surrounded by a biased and almost toxic scene really discouraged me to take it further.’ Thanks to the support of friends, Jacinta stuck with it and moved to London where her DJing flourished. Securing residencies on Vandelay Radio and Empty Plate, she then went on to guest on Threads and of course, our very own MD (where she’s now a permanent resident!): ‘moving back to Liverpool due to covid was the right timing for me. I’ve felt so included and like I’m gaining recognition for being a DJ. I’m so grateful for the people around me and for every opportunity I get.’

Packing live sets mainly with house, electro and techno, Jacinta takes house dubs and blends them with electro beats to bring movement and groove to the dance floor. Her monthly show ‘Hyacinthia’ explores a bigger range of genres, spanning from reggae, dub, rock, hip-hop and more, showcasing the multitude of influences she’s grown up around.

Jacinta is happiest when she’s completely shelling it in a club, but ‘a really fun experience was playing in the artist village at the Isle of Wight Festival. I saw Peter Crouch dancing to my tunes, which felt weird. We were in the same field where artists and bands like Blossoms were being interviewed, too!’

When it comes to dream venues, Jacinta cites venues such as Panorama Bar, Glasto, Lost Village and Dekmantel (the list goes on!) as places she’d love to play, but you can catch her over the next few months at some exciting gigs and festivals yet to be announced.

Also an advocate for inclusivity and diversity, and knowing the particular struggles of starting out, Jacinta will be producing events in conjunction with meraki, which will focus on helping more female/non-binary people into the industry. If you’re interested in collaborating with Jacinta, drop her a line here. You can also find her pushing her own production further down the line, which we can’t wait to hear!