We’re Launching A Kickstarter: Help us Build Our New Home

As you all may know by now, we’ve recently left our home of four years on Jamaica Street. The gentrifying forces closing in on the area have made it impossible to stay and so, we’re on the move.

For now, we’ve chosen to set up shop at
Jacaranda: Phase One thanks to the support of Dr Martens. The team here are super cool and have been really accommodating of us. 

For the next three months, we’re here, studio-sofa-surfing and migrating for winter in a temporary studio looking out onto Liverpool’s famous Seel Street.

Still, a radio studio is for life, not just for Christmas – we want to find our forever home – somewhere we can stay for a long time to come and continue to build our community.

And we’ve found something really cool…


We want to build our future studio, a community coffee shop and social space out of two shipping containers.

Yes, shipping containers!

They’re robust, cheap and provide us with the ability to really make a space our own. Stacking both containers on top of each other; we want to house the radio studio up top and add a community-focused coffee shop to the ground floor.

The proposed site is situated within the courtyard of the Tapestry building in Liverpool’s up-and-coming Fabric District. The space will house both shipping containers, in addition to an outdoor area with seating for all-year-round gatherings and events.

We want this to be a place where the community can come and enjoy the sounds of radio, mingle and hang out. To witness radio happening in real life while enjoying a coffee and good company.

On top of this, once Covid-19 restrictions permit; we want to host a range of events in the space; with priority, support and subsidies given to events that help uplift our local community, grassroots musicians and organisations.

We’re Running a Kickstarter

We’re looking to raise £35,000 to help Kickstart this project.

Funds raised will go towards the purchase of two modified shipping containers, the infrastructural work required to pull electricity and WiFi into the units, fitting out the studio and coffee shop and ensuring the site is secure and safe for broadcasting and opening up for the public to come and enjoy the space.

In a time when Liverpool is at high-risk of losing a wealth of creative spaces and cultural meeting points due to Covid-19, gentrification and other encroaching factors, we’re determined to help push back against these forces – giving the city a new community-focused music space to enjoy.

In return, we’ve got some great pledge rewards up for grabs. There’s the chance to get your hands on some Kickstarter-exclusive Melodic Distraction t-shirts, tote bags, caps and sweatshirts.

The opportunity to have your name included in a mural to be designed in Melodic Distraction’s new space.

A range of postcards exclusive to the Melodic Distraction Kickstarter, lovingly designed by a handful of Liverpool’s brightest independent designers and artists.


The chance to name your own blend of coffee at the new coffee shop.

Venue hire of Melodic Distraction’s new space, complete with our very own DJs playing all night long.

And finally entry into the Lucky Dig. Your opportunity to win a random rare, unreleased record, in partnership with Dig Vinyl. Every entry will win a record kindly donated by our hosts, previous guests and collaborators.



We can’t achieve this project without the help of our listeners, extended radio family and our wider community.

Let’s do this; together, wherever!

 || Kickstarter Launches Tuesday 17th November ||