DOWD – The Funkhauser EP

Dowd’s back with another Bandcamp release just in time to fill those Christmas stockings!

These two tracks are a combination of lockdown 2.0 and wishing there was a dancefloor to burn off that pent up energy. The Funkhauser EP is a reflection of where Dowd’s focus is now, and that’s thinking ahead by channeling a whole load of dancefloor bounciness into a new release. As it says on his Bandcamp page banner, “just a really nice time”.

“The Funkhauser”, with its thick & meaty kick drums that hammer out a constant beat, is tailor made for those dark basement dance floors. The driving rhythm section is tempered however by some lush synth work that glitters over the top, providing a lovely sonic contrast (trust us, give it a listen below), that’s quite literally music to our ears.

“Lazy Boys Can Dance” in contrast, is a slightly more squelchy affair, with skittery percussion giving the track an edge that builds as more layers of percussion are added. These layers of percussion are then complimented with a murky bassline that lurks with some serious intent throughout the rest of the record. Keep an ear out for some more dreamy pad work over the top – it’s so subtle you might miss it but it’s worth the price of admission alone.

You can grab these two whoppers here: