We’re Heading to Manchester: DJ Showcase at YES

Better off together ❤️

A rivalry as old as time itself, or at least the 19th century, the great cities of Liverpool and Manchester are famous foes. Originally thought to have stemmed from the dues Mancunian merchants would have to pay Scouse canal operators, it’s a rivalry that’s found its way into all corners of life in the North West.

But this is 2020 and we ain’t in the football business folks, we’ve come along way from the squabbles over imports and 90 minutes of sweaty blokes kicking a bag of wind around.

Duly, Melodic Distraction are hightailing it up the M62 this weekend to showcase some of the finest talent behind the decks that our friends over in Manchester have to offer.

Tomorrow (29.08.20) , we’re heading to the fabulous YES,  a four story oasis of good music, good food and good bevs – right in the heart of Manchester. Hosted by Me Gusta and Shifting Spheres, this socially distanced showcase will highlight a rich pool of Manchester-based talent.

The whole event is raising money for the amazing Kids of Colour and Manchester Refugee Support Network – MRSN. Links for those charities can be found on the Live Stream and at the bottom of this article.

Sets will come from Me Gusta affiliates; Atiké and DJ Obeka, Not Bad For A Girl’s DaiSu and Kiana – کیانا, DRED ERIC, Kitsta from The Beatriachy and last but not least, Shifting Sphere’s very own, Mystique.

We’re streaming the sets all day, live and direct, kicking off at 2pm and heading all the way through until 8pm. Check the MDR airwaves for the audio and head over to our Facebook page to catch the live streamed video, if that’s more your vibe.



Atiké is the co-founder and DJ of Me Gusta Collective. Me Gusta is a multicultural collective based in Manchester. Through music, dance, unity and art, the collective forms events to expose these rich identities and to create a basis for all to connect.

Obeka hails from the shores of Bermuda, and has found his way to the inner-city musical depths of Manchester underground club scene. Unearthed, heavy and convicting sound culture delivered by his Caribbean and African roots.

DaiSu + Kiana – کیانا

8 different DJs spanning every genre possible make up the Not Bad For A Girl collective. As you can guess, they’re an all women crew based in Manchester with selectors who play around Manchester, the UK and wider world.

Bristol born and Manchester based DaiSu can usually be heard shelling it out with techno, house and UKG flavours in spots around the 0161 and digitally on Reform Radio and Vandelay Radio.

Her collective counterpart Kiana – کیانا, is an Iranian born Manchester based DJ playing across the board in the 140+ region with hardcore, techno and breaks usually in her bag. She also has a healthy back catalogue of radio shows for the likes of NTS, Sable Radio and our very own Melodic Distraction Radio.



Beat maker and DJ, DRED ERIC has been churning out a stream of killer beat tapes over the past few years. We’re excited to catch his skills as a DJ having enjoyed his relentless Soundcloud based output.


The Beatriarchy is a tune sharing group formed by Kitsta and Dj Graciet. The group is a safe space to share and discuss all kinds of electronic music. The crew want all minority groups, particularly womxn, POC and LGBTQ+ members to feel safe and free from judgement in the sharing of musical knowledge.

With her Megababes show on Foodhall Community Radio, Kitsta joins the dots between pop classics and UK techno and breaks. Mega!


Founder of Shifting Spheres, Mystique is a killer selector, producer and all-round champion for the underground in and around the North West.

Shifting Spheres are a Manchester based collective providing DJ training programs for women, trans and non-binary artists. Their July charity compilation really caught our ears (not just because our very own LUNA featured) but because it featured a whole bunch of boss artists with very bright futures.

Check out Mystique’s contribution below and chip in a few quid, if you can!





|| 14:00 – 20:00 ||