Dead Meat – The End of Their World is Coming!

Two years after a fateful live appearance on Melodic Distraction Radio, Dead Meat, the alias of artist Ryan Mahan, have just released their debut album – The End of Their World is Coming!

Set and recorded in the deep woods of Southern Appalachia and in the burning streets of Atlanta 2020, The End of Their World is Coming! chronicles a series of last rites rituals to the grotesque and decomposed corpse politic of the USA and its colonies. The record channels weird and eerie fiction, anti-capitalist theoretics and decolonisation hauntology into a different form of ghost storytelling, a mostly wordless anti-fascist occult body music in the service of planetary liberation.

It takes its inspiration from the spectral electronics of Wendy Carlos and Caroline K, the grisly boom bap of Havoc/Prodigy and Geto Boys, the punk machinations of Screamers and Big Black, the mutant doom dub of Scientist and Jah Shaka and slivers of EBM, techno, noise and horror soundtracks.

The record features contributions from Franklin James Fisher and Lee Tesche from Algiers. The limited edition cassette is accompanied by a collection of artworks by Ukraine-based artist Oksana Demidova, depicting a large bestiary of eerie happenings, liberation ideologies, millenarian promises and infernal returns.

The End Of The World! is out now – you can cop it over at the Dead Meat Bandcamp page HERE.