Dan Wainwright – Hope & Deliverance

Sprechen’s latest release sees long time associate Dan Wainwright drop Hope & Deliverance, a four track EP drenched in balearic tinged exotica.

Lead track “I Love You” is filled with hazy wooziness & spaced out synthy pad work, with a slack as heck broken beat that leads the listener on a cosmic journey. “Nothing Ever Stays The Same” keeps on the cosmic path, but with more of a punch courtesy of its dubbed out bass for added measure with some full on hypnotic vocal action that sews the package up and feels a bit like Moby when he was really good and not such a bell end.

“Feel” ups the tempo slightly but keeps things trip and demanding some sun beams at overseas festivals. This is some serious daytime dancing style tackle that will uplift & bliss in equal measures. Closing track “I Hope That Joy Will Come To You” is a message for everyone to mantra after the year that never was of 2020. Delay drenched synth chords & kaleidoscope pads wrap around a hooky ukulele (as played live by Dan!) and a psych’d out vocal from the man himself. No beats on this at all, they’re not needed.

Hope & Deliverance is out now on Sprechen – you can grab it HERE!