Call Out: Covid-19 Merseyside Musicians’ Survey

Bido Lito and University of Liverpool have teamed up to survey the impact of Covid-19 on Merseyside’s musical ecosystem. 

An online survey that is set to determine how musicians have adapted to the limitations and lack of creative opportunities caused by Covid-19 lockdown measures is now in circulation.

Click the image above to access the Bido Lito x University of Liverpool Survey

.Over the course of lockdown, musicians have seen many key areas of their work impacted upon by the inability to access public and professional spaces…

  • Connecting tangibly with audiences when performing at gigs.
  • Networking with other artists.
  • Participating in workshops and music lessons.
  • Collaborating with fellow artists.
  • Accessing studio and recording space.

Many vital opportunities for artists like these have either been lost or have been forced online in recent months.

If you are a musician operating in the Liverpool City Region; the survey wants to know how your day-to-day operations have been affected, whether you have creatively struggled or flourished during the lockdown, what the economic impact has been and whether or not you’ve been able to access support from funding bodies, cultural organisations or fellow artists. 

The findings will be presented to policymakers and the Liverpool City Region Music Board to help produce a recovery roadmap towards the return of a functioning music scene.

Survey responses are open until Friday 7th August.