Brand New Second Hand #3

After a brief hiatus, the bargain bin is back and this time round I’ve picked up a few gems from around Liverpool. A couple of the records are from a record fair that took place in the city centre last week, check out the Record Fairs UK site to keep up to date with anything planned near you! Now then…

1.) Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (One Nation Under A Groove) [Warner Bros Records, 1978] £3

A wonderful record from the master, George Clinton. Blissful, psychedelic funk taking you to who knows where.

2.) Gutter Snypes – Whatcha Mind Say [Super Disco Edits, 2014] £3

A real nice UK hip-hop 7”, absolutely love the beat on this one.

3.) Real Thing – Boogie Down (Get Funky Now) [ PYE Records, 1979] £2

Lime green record. Need I say more.

4.) M-Beat featuring Nazlyn – Sweet Love [Renk Records, 1994] £5

Calling all jungle heads, a throwback to one of the staples in any collection. Breaks and jazzy samples underpinning the fantastic vocalist that is Nazlyn.

Check in next week for more affordable wax.