Brand New Second Hand #2

Righto, once again, I’m frittering money away on records. This time around I found a few gems at a pop up record swap and shop at The Harley, Sheffield. I find these sorts of thing to be a great opportunity to dig through records from other collectors who will be very knowledgeable about their own collection. Hit play below and check out what I managed to dig out…

1) Groove Cartel – Disco Dust (Original Mix) [Universal Records] £2

The A side is a little too much for me but the remix and original on the B side are cracking! A rising bassline, jazzy instrumentals and a sweet, sweet vocal.

2) Incantation – Cacharpaya (Andes Pumpsá Dèsi) [Beggars Banquet] £2

A bit of a curveball here. Fantastic windwork on this record which caught my attention straight away. Not your normal record, the way the pace increases really builds up energy and surprised me.

3) Amazulu – Too Good To Be Forgotten [Island] £2

Lovely calypso/reggae tune here. While the vocals take precedent, the sporadic guitar in the background and a warm bassline make this track incredibly catchy. You’ll see me singing the vocals around town, getting odd looks from strangers.

More records coming next week!