Brand New Second Hand #5

We’re back and in collaboration this week! Two of our crate diggers, Tom Lye & Josh Aitman, have teamed up to bring you the best bargains they can find around Liverpool & Sheffield. From Oxfam to 3B Records, we’ve got a fine selection for you along with a 30 minute mix to sweeten the deal. Tuck in.

Raw Artistic Soul Featuring Wunmi – Oya O 


Found opening and closing our accompanying mix, this heavily ambient Afro-House E.P. was found gathering dust in 3B Records, Liverpool. Three tracks, all flawless, make this insanely cheap purchase an absolute steal. Featuring fantastic vocals from Wunmi, be sure to listen to listen to the close of each track for spot on spoken word, its hard to find spoken word that blends well over music, but here it’s an absolute treat.

Amp Fiddler – Dreamin’ 


Whilst our digging did find us this remix record of the Amp Fiddler classic, due to its affordability this record was purchased for the original mix. All remixes seem to lack huge amounts of originality or fire. However, Dreamin’ is an essential for anyone’s collection: Punchy and funk filled half beat rhythms with a smooth Fiddler vocal on top. Go on then!

National Rare Groove – Talking To You £1

A great breaks and electro record from NRG. Released in ’91 on Calypso Records it has a funky groove, with the saxophone and emotional piano chords alongside a catchy vocal hook. Copped this from A New Shop in Sheffield for a quid!

Corrina Joseph – Lonely


Basement Jaxx produced this killer record so you know it’s an energy builder. A bongo build up leads into a peak energy bassline and the soft, warm voice of Corrina Joseph. Unfortunately the A Side to this is a bit damaged but this cut was too good to pass up. Be careful with records that are a quid, make sure you check the vinyl isn’t severely scratched/dusty or warped in any way.

Mixture Shortcuts Vol 2: Emma – Chocolatine 


Top tip for digging in the bins: Look for anything familiar, whether it be a producer or label have heard of. On the other hand, interesting artwork is a good indication of a good record. The reason I picked this one out is because Mixture Stereophonic released the fantastic Martin Solveig remix of Salif Keita. Luckily, this record is another great club ready tune.

Llorca with Nicole Graham – Indigo Blues


Previous guest, Llorca, with a samba fuelled house record. Catchy lyrics from Nicole Graham work wonderfully with the samba percussion and piano. Another steal for a quid. We can’t wait to get Llorca back in Liverpool at some point.