Bido Lito! Needs Your Help!

Our good friends over at Bido Lito! are one of the cornerstones of the Liverpool music scene. Putting on shows, interviewing artists and covering events and news, they’ve championed the sound of the city for an amazing 10 years!

The pink pages have been a regular fixture in cosy cafés, bars and pubs in town, providing a fun and informative read for all local live music lovers as well as breaking artists onto the wider scene with their highly-coveted cover story spot. If you’re a music fan in Liverpool, Bido’s been your constant companion.

Since Covid-19 took hold our music community has come under threat, with the live music and club music circuit being decimated. Nonetheless, Bido have continued to do what they love – supporting the community around them. They’ve been interviewing artists, writing some wonderful thought pieces on the current situation, hosting ‘Friday Night Live’ stream sessions and championing the creatives of the city.

If you love grassroots music in Liverpool, you know how important it is to help keep the scene afloat. Becoming a Bido Lito! member will help the magazine survive through these hard times.

For £7 a month, you’ll receive a one-off, limited edition Bido Lito! Lockdown Zine, the members’ exclusive weekly mailer and once back in print, the magazine to your door every month. On top of this you get a Bido branded tote bag, the end of year Bido Lito! Journal, free access to Bido Lito! events and exclusive content.

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