Baxter Dury – The Night Chasers

Following his father Ian Dury’s death shortly after the turn of the millennium, Baxter Dury has paved a successful and diverse career featuring six albums in which he has developed his own sound and persona while inheriting quirks that made his father so unique.

Much like his dad, Baxter growls his dark, surreal and often humorous lyrics with a swagger only few possess and offers an insight into his world. A world, which is bleak, surreal and where your mortal enemy is yourself. His new release, The Night Chasers, accommodates a groove throughout, in which it playfully sets a scene of 21st century life and its problems. Themes such as social media, loneliness and the ever old complication of unrequited love are explored across the record’s ten tracks. The beautiful angelic backing vocals throughout the album are the perfect juxtaposition to Baxter’s snarl, which slaps you across the face like the smell of red wine and cheap cigarettes but always keeps you wanting more.

Dury delivers a stark look at today’s world and trivial events such as one night stands and finding out your ex has a new partner on social media through dry humour, but adds depth to the character his songs tell the story of by making his thoughts, feelings and actions human. “Horrible trousers / And a small car / Bit of designer hair / Sloppy facial looks” are his protagonists thoughts of an old flames new partner after he, “followed him about for a bit,” on Instagram in “Carla’s Got A Boyfriend.”

The playful chimes of the synthesizer and keyboards are oozing with 80s goodness as well as the driving bass lines which add a strong groove to the album. There’s even some conventional singing from Baxter in songs such as “Daylight,” in which he pines over a love interest who evades his love in the end.

The album is definitely worth a full play through and would surely work as a much needed distraction from everything that is going on in the world at the moment. Highlights of the record include “I’m Not Your Dog,” “Samurai,” “Carla’s Got A Boyfriend” and “Daylight.”