Bandcamp Friday: An MDR Roster Selection

This Friday 1st May, Bandcamp are waiving their share of all sales revenues on the platform for 24 hours! In anticipation, we check out releases from our roster of Melodic Distraction Radio hosts to find out what local nuggets you can purchase to help support them during this difficult time.

This list will continue to be updated until Friday 1st May…Happy digging!

You may have heard on more than one Melodic Distraction Radio show a plug for the music website, Bandcamp. The music discovery and purchasing platform is well-regarded among independent artists and labels for the freedoms and control it offers those who upload to its site. Essentially, Bandcamp gives users commercial control over things like price setting, upload dates and file formats that often isn’t readily available on other platforms. Couple this with a lesser percentage taken on each sale (10-15%) compared to competitors such as Apple (30%) and you’ve got a winning formula for supporting artists and growing a sustainable platform.

This Friday, and the first Friday of the next two months (5th June / 3rd July), Bandcamp are waiving their revenue share in order to help artists and labels impacted by the Cover-19 pandemic. Musicians are likely to feel the loss of income from cancelled touring schedules, cultural immobility and reduced funding for months to come. If you dig the music you hear in the list below, please do what you can to support local artists!

Land Trance – First Seance [Dense Truth]

May 1st, 2020

‘First Seance’ is the debut album by Land Trance, a new collaboration between Liverpool-based musicians Andrew P.M Hunt and Benjamin D. Duvall, released via Forest Swords’ Dense Truth label. The former, Andrew, hosts the SEVEN Radio show here on MDR.

Sharing rehearsal rooms, houses and band-mates for over a decade across Merseyside, the duo developed their respective practices in tandem with each other. This album sees them explore their respective musical vocabularies, utilising a long list of eccentric instruments in the form of; zither, drum machine, music box, dictaphone, ocarina, synthesiser and melodica amongst other sonic sources.


Jacques Malchance – Pyramicid [Self Released]

March 3rd, 2020

Ahhhh Jacques, one of our longest standing hosts on Melodic Distraction Radio. 1/3rd of the Italo-Scouse trio behind the ceaselessly experimental Upitup Records, Jacques has been releasing music for well over 15 years. This glitchy outing melds IDM with acid techno with great results. Keep an eye of Jacques’ Bandcamp this May 1st for a new tune dropping too.

If you like what you hear and are after something in a physical format, check out the Dub Pets 12″ on his Bandcamp page.


LUNA – Hello Earth [Self Released]
March 13th, 2020

An amalgamation of a classical voice and innovative electronica, LUNA’s debut EP stunned us when she performed it live at St Bride’s church back in March. The 5 track EP chronicles LUNA’s journey through her early 20s in an honest self portrait that features synth-pop ballads and melancholic electronica. 

Check a live session before her performance at St Brides here. 



Ranga – Past Life [Self-Released]
March 17th, 2020

Ranga, AKA Oli Hudson, has been with us since day one under various guises and disguises. He first caught our ear warming up for Yussef Kamaal back in 2016 and we’ve enjoyed his blend of dusty and jazz-tinged beats ever since.

Check him out across 12 tracks right here. Available as a free DL to spread the love but why not show him some back if you got the spare dough!

|| RANGA ||

Khalil Anthony – Reign Down EP [Black Beacon Sound]
March 24th, 2020

Khalil Anthony’s voice has decorated the house and electronic music landscape for some years now and with this latest release he shifts levels yet again by working with a range of talented producers from around the globe.

In anticipation of ‘Scarab Beetle’, a reworks LP coming out later this year, Black Beacon Sound are dropping us a sneak peak in conjunction with Urban Folk Music.


Guevarism – Moonlight (Kept Us Up) ft. Carmel Reynolds [Super Weird Substance]
April 17th, 2020

The third in Super Weird Substance’s 2020 digital releases, Guevarism’s ‘Moonlight (Kept Us Up)’ sees the label further broadening its horizons to take in a wider scope of dance styles.

Guevarism is the club-based project of producer and DJ, Ché Wilson. The uplifting ‘Moonlight (Kept Us Up)’ features vocalist Carmel Reynolds, who has already made key contributions to the label’s continued evolution.


Isocore – Fegato [Upitup Records Merseyside]
December 30th, 2018

Isocore’s second album on Upitup and his first solo outing since 2004 on the label, ‘Fegato’ spans a decade long time frame in the musical life of Isocore AKA Paolo Elmo, with tracks ranging from 2008 – 2018.

The album was released as part of a social/distribution experiment ran by Isocore himself, where it was made only available through dating apps like Tinder and Happn in different world locations using fake GPS  de-localization. The idea is to use unoccupied spaces of the internet and subvert their function, in this case by suggesting the use of the dating app as an underground music distribution platform.

It is now available in-full, for your listening pleasure, on Bandcamp!


Various Artists – Reformat [Emotion Wave]
August 24th, 2019

‘Reformat’ was part of 2019’s Future Yard Festival where the Emotion Wave crew were hosting a live session at Birkenhead Priory Chapel. The crew handed the entire release out on floppy discs (remember them!) with free download codes attached.

All money raised from the release go to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and with Liverpool staples like Isocore (see above), Tap-In (AKA Sam Jones) and Bye Louis featuring, it’s a sure shot investment for the electronically curious.


Bantam Lions – Romantic Views [East Wall Recordings]
May 11th, 2018

The only cassette release in our list (and also available in digi), Bantam Lions joins up with Dublin-Based East Wall Recordings for a dystopian 15-track release of genre-bending ambient, IDM and trip-hop.


Bye Louis – Neon Skin [Self Released]
May 1st, 2020

Bye Louis, the project by long-time friend of the station Kieran Callanan, first came on our radar in Autumn of 2019 with a release on Emotion Wave. The songs spanned well over a decade of Kieran’s life and provided a look into his artistic life between 2007-2019.

Now, his latest project ‘Neon Skin’, offers up folk-twinged electronica with slightly more of a pop-punk sensibility than previously heard. Hard to categorise, but we wouldn’t want to hear Bye Louis any other way!


MT HALL – NV [Pale Master]
February 10th, 2019

This one from Cartier 4 Everyone / Pale Master affiliate MT Hall feels like its been out in the world for years…repeat listens will do that to you! Her debut release ‘NV’ (New Voice) for Pale Master from the start of last year floored us all.

Across three tracks, each pumped out through a Roland MC-505, MT Hall leaves you conjuring up images of the next grandiose industrial club space you’d like to visit. Remixes from Kleft, Dialect and Kepla tie the 6-track EP up perfectly, helping listeners look beyond the dance floor.



JC Leisure – Mutations [Warm Winters Ltd.]
March 20th, 2020

Double bubble on Pale Master affiliates here. This one coming from label head, JC Leisure and his recent release, ‘Mutations.’ A 5-track release, available on London-based Warm Winters Ltd, this mini-album draws inspiration from a collection of mixtapes circa 1992 onwards that distil the counter culture of rave, free parties and pirate radio broadcasts. The cassette tapes are sampled live and fed to synthesizers, software patches and samplers; allowing them to write their own melodies and rhythms.

|| KERF ||

Charles Vaughn – I Just Wanna Have A Party [BIRD0003]
April 9th, 2020

Kick starting your summer of self-isolation with an infectious nu-disco heater, bursting with joy and happiness to lead you through these uncertain times we have new music from Charles Vaughn. On this one-track digi release, Vaughn flips The Whispers’ ‘Can You Do The Boogie’, into a sweat-stained basement banger with plenty of heart and soul. 

All money raised from this release will be donated to Women’s Aid so consider it a donation and give what you can!


96 Back – ADRISM [Self Released]
May 1st, 2020

Regular MDR guest and sometimes-appearer on Roadside Picnic, 96 Back has been hustling hard in 2020. In just the last month, he’s dropped an EP on Hypercolour and a track on Mor Elian and Rhyw’s Fever AM imprint, and now he’s up here springing a whole LP on us.

A “self-dubbed psuedo-breakup album”, ADRISM takes a softer touch. There’s subaqueous, flotation-chamber synth works – Ambient Banger (featuring the collaborative efforts of the lauded Skee Mask)  – austere contemplations – Delayed 3 Min – as well as the fevered, heart-tugging ballad of Full Circle Adorationsim. IDM workout!

|| 96 BACK ||

Kepla – Within The Gaze, A Shadhavar [Alien Jams]
25th October, 2019

Circling the outer limits of concrète, assemblage and noise, Within The Gaze, A Shadhavar is a picture of decay, ruin and alienation. Appearing on the mighty Alien Jams (with an additional NTS mix to boot), Kepla’s debut full-length release sets him at the forefront of Liverpool’s experimental scene. With glowing reviews in The Wire (and now a regular contributor to their pages) as well as some excellent long-read features in FACT Magazine, Kepla’s output – whether written, sonic or visual – is well worth keeping an eye on.

|| KEPLA ||

George \m/ – Unicursal I: Uxurcisus & Unicursal II: The Hooligan [Self Released]
March 2020

A two-part release from C4E honcho, George \m/ aka Big Effigy aka George Maund. Is it any wonder than Liverpool’s primo experimental artists all live together? Coming direct from the sonic powerhouse that is the Consulate, \m/’s explorations of granular synthesis, micro-sampling and texture are a welcome addition into a very adventurous DJ’s crate, or perhaps a producer’s palette. Re-use and re-purposing highly encouraged, it’s something between a warped sample pack, locked groove record and aural journal.

|| GEORGE \M/ ||

Tubz – Feb Dub / Dry [Self Released]
21 st April 2020

Just one of Tubz’ many many many dubs. Part of M62 records, and host of their archival MDR show, and making serious waves in the 140/bass heavy scene up and down the country, Tubz churns out dubs faster than we can listen. Mean selector and all-round good egg.

|| TUBZ ||

Tardast – Ekhtelal [Manteq]
19th July 2019

With just one release sneaking onto Bandcamp, but a whole host on Tardast and Manteq’s SoundCloud, it’s worth a little dig through the archives if you’re a fan. Part of the 9-deep Manteq label/crew, Tardast’s Farsi-speaking grime and wonky productions from Leo (boygirl) have drawn attention from the likes of Lorraine James and have seen him share a stage with Lowkey.