Baltra: 10 Tracks For Travelling

Ahead of a long-haul flight from New York City to perform at Meraki, Liverpool, we caught up with revered house producer, Baltra to find out what music he’ll be chilling out  to while he’s thousands of feet in the air…

Baltra is a self taught house producer based in New York, hailing from Philadelphia. His unique style draws from his rich engagements with the cultures of the two major US cities, allowing his tastes to wander between a wide palette of contrasting and complementing genres. In an article with FourFourMag, Baltra likens large parts of the influences and characteristics of his music to the rough, sincere natures of the cities he’s resided in. This rough-hewn approach, coupled with his ear for emotionally driven music, has led him to create some of the most widely appreciated contemporary house music in recent years.  To see the brutalist but sentimental characteristics, you only need to listen to tracks such as ‘Fade Away’, ‘Meta’ or his  remix of ‘I Know You Want To.’

Over the  last decade, Baltra  has released a vast array of EPs on a number of labels that include Lost Palms, Of Paradise Records, Hokkaido Dance Club and Polish label STEP. Rising quickly into the global game, he’s now on an international tour schedule, proving his ability to translate the emotion he created within the studio into DJ sets and his heavily praised live sets. You can check out his live set on the internet telly box on  Boiler Room.TV or In Real Life this Saturday at Meraki for Boogaloo & Down To Funk.

Enough of what to expect when Baltra touches down in Liverpool – let’s delve deeper into Baltra’s musical influences. The music that fills the gaps of silence when commuting from place to place is arguably the sounds and styles that go onto shape and influence us. We checked in with Baltra before he boarded a plane from NYC to Liverpool to find out a little bit more about what he’ll be packing onto his Walkman for the trip over to our tiny island. Sit back, grab an inflight snack and enjoy your next journey soundtracked by Baltra…


Solange – Almeda
“This silky track off the new Solange album is what you hope soundtracks your dreams when you nod off on that 787.”

Interplanetary Criminal – Confused (feat. Amethyst)
“This little UKG number’s keys + vocals take you up in the air even before your plane has left the tarmac. Class tune.”


Vtgnike – Nervnii RnB
“New one off Vtgnike’s album for Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label. The “Jermaine Dupri/Usher – U Make Me Wanna” sample hits the spot.” 


Mori Ra – Cheeks
“If the percussion and guitar licks on this one don’t do it for you (not to mention the glorious vocals!), it’s going to be a long trip.)”

Suzanne Kraft – Morning Come
“The feeling of awaking from a 6 hour “nap” on the trans-Atlantic flight just as breakfast is being served an hour before landing.”


Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City (Remixes) [Coastal Haze]
“This remix package is so beautiful & just hits all the spots. From D. Tiffany’s breaks, to Manuel Darquart’s balearic re-rub, to Seb Wildblood’s UKG flip, it’s A+ vibes for making time pass while in transit.”


Anthony Naples – Goodness
“The piano stabs and baseline take you for a 2 minute journey, and just as the kicks come in, everything fades out and leaves you wanting more. * hits repeat *”


Kareem Lotfy – Fr3sh
“Sampling PNL’s ‘J’suis PNL’, Kareem Lotfy stretches this one out to dazzling heights, taking you on a hypnotic ride you’d never want to end.”


Gacha Bakradze – World Color
“This electro tune is jam-packed with emotion and top-notch attention to detail in its production. One certainly to vibe out to on a long-haul or a quick bus ride all the same.”


Aguila – El Sol Rojo
“Soaring pads & trance-like arpeggios make this a sneaky banger that hits big when the breaks drop in at the 2:05 mark. Beautifully composed & arranged, it fades out just as it started – emulating a plane’s journey through takeoff and landing.”


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