Agent of Change: What Does It Mean?

A new panel discussion series has launched in Liverpool to explore the local culture. Hosted by new platform ‘Friday Vision’, the series aims to support and showcase the city’s cultural scene through free panels, projects and content. In reaction to the news that Liverpool City Council has formally endorsed the Agent of Change principle, the first panel will discuss recent developments in planning law and how it affects music venues.

So what does The Agent of Change mean, exactly? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a superhero (or villain)? No, in fact. The person or business in question is the agent, and if they are introducing a new land use, they are responsible for managing the impact of the change. In other words, any new development – be it residential, commercial or otherwise – planned for a site next to a noise-making premises will need to mitigate any potential risk to the existing premises before receiving planning permission. 

Sounds promising, right? The panel will aim to discuss the finer details of the principle and will be welcoming representatives from Culture Liverpool, Music Venues Trust and 24 Kitchen Street. 

We spoke to Friday Vision founder and Liverpool-based journalist Becca Frankland, who will be moderating the discussion. She told us a bit more about the platform, what the event will involve and what she’s hoping to achieve:

“Liverpool’s music scene, albeit small in comparison to others, is championed and appreciated by thousands. Like all cities it struggles, fluctuates, thrives and makes up a huge part of the area’s identity and the people who live within and around it. In order to highlight issues and showcase what we do best, documenting and discussing the culture is important. Friday Vision is primarily a platform to host panels and other projects surrounding Liverpool’s culture.

My aim with the panel series is to bring together music lovers and industry professionals. Through a mid-week balanced discussion, the hope is to contribute to a healthier culture. With the Agent of Change principle formally being supported by Liverpool City Council recently, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to follow up a well-documented issue in Liverpool: venue closure.

I’m happy to be welcoming some of the city’s authorities on the subject, plus bringing Clara Cullen from Music Venue Trust up from London. She’ll be joining the likes of Kev McManus from Culture Liverpool and Liverpool City Council, Ioan Roberts from 24 Kitchen Street and Paul Farrell from Environmental Health.

In addition to discussing the Agent Of Change principle, we’ll also touch on the Council’s proposition to lobby Central Government for changes in licensing legislation, as well as on our existing venues which are under threat.” 

The first discussion will take place at District on Thursday 28th November, with things kicking off at 6pm and finishing at approximately 8:30pm. You can secure a free ticket below, so why not get involved and support your local scene?