A Jamaica Street Farewell

In case you missed it, this time last week we were packing down the studio and preparing to vacate the premises we’d called home for the previous four(ish) years.  

As we packed the last cable into its box, unscrewed the final screw and the carried the last bits & bobs into our moving van (kindly provided by John Murray of Total Control Sound), we looked back into the empty building one last time and reminisced about all the fabulous experiences we’ve had at 43 Jamaica Street.

The Jamaica Street story was excellently chronicled back in July with Tom Lye’s Five Years Spinnin’ retrospective, which offered a comprehensive behind the scenes look at how Melodic Distraction first came to be and the early years of the station.

With that in mind, we thought we’d close the Jamaica Street chapter of the Melodic Distraction story with a visual companion piece that features a collection of our favourite photos submitted by MDR staff and hosts that  detail those formative years. “A picture is worth a thousand words” after all…

We hope you enjoy x

Christmas 2019 on Jamaica Street! After our annual staff broadcast of Christmas tunes and speed garage
Galactic Funk Militia x Black Beacon Sound (Oct ’17)
Extended friends and fam down at Constellations for our Kickstarter launch in summer 2018. Thanks for hosting us guys!
A recent one of Jab (aka the velveteen prince) on his final show down at Jamaica Street.
Always a party when Zoë and Kenny (303) rock up. They’ve been known to bring cake or even full blown dinner to the producer on shift. Big love!
Chris Barker and Greg Wilson. Think this was our 2000th ever broadcast! The interview is magnificent, 100% recommend a listen…
No we haven’t…
Long overdue visit from writer supreme, Andrei Sandu. Guesting on Good for the Soul, Andrei now has his own show, Mates Crates, go check it!
Big. Floppy. Bangers.
Christmas spirit…
When you realise that you can turn 3 shows spread across 5 hours into 1 mega show… All Trades x Ben Sleia x Lupini
Getting ready for a big band performance. The biggest ever at Jamaica St? Definitely a contender.
Mick, Paul and their crew. Always an event when the Maschinenfunk boys roll through!
Doesn’t really need a caption does it…
Binary and Maund some time around Christmas last year. Two lovely lads who have been with us for a very long time now!
Yvonne and Carl aka DIG VINYL!
Raimondo always brings the funk, soul and disco with the biggest smile and warmest words. Top guy!
Taken right after the news that Kickstarter #1 had just reached its £10k target!
The Detroit don himself, DJ Dez Andrés came and hung out in our studio for an entire day. Yes, an entire day. He then played a belta down at District closing on our favourite: “Cola Cola…Whiskey Cola…”
B.L.O.O.M. in the studio as part of the MCR Live x Melodic Distraction Radio takeover.
Our kid Toby Taylor aka Snoodman Deejay aka Good For the Soul after one of his first ever broadcasts…
Al Sundvall relaxing before a live band performance. Lots of guitars, lots of reverb…
Football isn’t a matter life and death…it’s much more important than that…Our man, Keith Marley, not letting his scheduled radio show get in the way of a good cup fixture. Likely Liverpool or the ‘Boro…not sure which…
Dave McTague (centre) must get the award for most guests brought on the airwaves…surely?
Big BBQ vibes…not sure when? We all had a lovely time though!
Doing our best to model some merch. Our first Kickstarter ran through the hot summer of 2018 and helped us take our schedule 24/7.
Our good friend, Danielle Moore, from Crazy P the first time she ever played on Melodic Distraction Radio. There’s been many appearances since, including one of the final ever sets on Jamaica Street.
We chose a hot summer’s day for Manchester’s MCR Live to come and take over our airwaves. Foggy memories of this one, we were drinking tinnies to keep cool from about midday.
Josh, some disco fella & ASJC Lee. We were stoked to have the disco don himself, John Morales, stop by the studio when ASJC teamed up with BBE a couple years back.
Jayda G plays on air before heading up to Buyers Club to play Huma, a lovely night ran by the staff at the venue. Can still remember us all dancing round the studio to ‘Nights Over Egypt”…
Studio manager Nina’s first day..Some time in 2018!

Sam Jones, wearer of many musical hats. This was Sam’s first appearance on MD of many, being a staple of the jazz nights at Constellations we streamed every Thursday for the best part of 12 months.
ASJC x Nu Tribe. The first time the Nu Tribe boys had been in the studio, becoming regulars ever since this first encounter. Seems ASJC Lee didn’t get the memo on funky poses on this one.
 ASOK – on his first ever visit to the studio. We all drank lots of wine and Stu made the whole room rattle with breaks and techno.
 Taken on the same date as the snap above. This is our very good, Aussie friend Jaxon Lamond. He warmed up for RDJ at Constellations and tore the roof off with Mike Dunn’s – Freaky Mother Fucker. Bold choice for a warm up but it bloody worked!
Archive x CC Disco (April ’18)
Hector Lee perfectly matching our window shutter (Some time in 2018)
Bannoffee Pies and Ross From Friends joined us before they played Familiar Circles at Buyers Club (March 2017)
SisBis x Raw Silk (Summer 2018).


If you have any photos or memories from our Jamaica Street studio that you’d like to share with us, please send them over to!