10 Questions With… Dialect

10 Questions With… A series that delves into fresh new releases from some of our favourite artists. With a focus on our Melodic Distraction hosts and wider community, this lil natter gives us an insight into their musical escapades when they’re in their studio, not ours. 

We chat with Dialect aka Andrew PM Hunt, fresh from the release of his latest album ‘Under ~ Between’ on RVNG. We dive into his creative process, the influence of nature and more!

Images by Heather Swift Hunt

Hi Andy! Your brand new album ‘Under~Between’ is simply stunning. What was it about the opening track that made you also choose it as the album title?

I think the lyrics to that track sum up the way I was thinking when making this record. I wanted to explore ideas of scale and move between things which are very small and things which are profoundly large. The idea of patient attention revealing worlds within worlds.

What artists were you listening to a lot while making the release?

I was really enjoying discovering the Lovely Music Inc catalogue, particularly Paul Demarinis who’s music I was introduced to by Spencer from Visible Cloaks when we played together back in 2018. He was a pioneer of vocal synthesis. 

The album seems to make a parallel journey alongside the metaphor of a seedlings growing into a garden. Was this a deliberate comparison? What inspired it?

All my music has a connection to natural forms and cycles of growth and time. I enjoy noticing these processes around me all the time. I love to sit and listen to the confluence of sounds in any space really but particularly natural environments. They feel very conversational. 

How did you find collaborating with The Immix Ensemble, as well as your housemates? 

The collaboration really came alive whilst recording since I had more time with each player. It was a privilege to be able to work with such technical players and improvising musicians, such as Nick Branton and David Kelly who are able to channel their ability into such spontaneous performances. None of my housemates actually properly play on the album, their presence is felt in a more oblique way though :~) 

What was your process when writing the tracks? As well as your collaborators, did you have mentors or friends to bounce ideas off along the way?

When I was working with other players I’d often be asking them to improvise, so I’d give them direction and tell them the kind of mood I was after or the types of sound. I’m lucky that they understood when I’d ask them to “play like a wounded bird” or a “wheezing chimney” or whatever.

Do you envisage the album being performed live? Where would your dream venue to perform this album live be?

If I get to play this stuff live it will likely be either a kind of solo electroacoustic reinterpretation of the material or working with one or two other players to extrapolate the mood of one of the pieces. I’m not interested in recreating them, they are what they are but tapping into the same spirit is interesting to me.

How would you say your sound has evolved since your last release, ‘Loose Blooms’, in 2017?

The sound of U~B is quite different since I’m working with the ensemble, but the approach is very similar – collaging improvisations into compositions and working melodically with texture. Even some of the themes are similar, the natural world and our relationship with it. I love that they sound so different though. 

What was the last record you bought and why?

 I’ve been buying loads recently but the last thing in my Bandcamp is the new Tomaga album, which is excellent. 

What’s next for you? 

I’ll start a new record this year hopefully which I’m very excited to do. Lots of new Land Trance stuff coming and making a start on the very overdue Ex Easter Island Head album, which I think is going to be a real stunner.

‘Under ~ Between’ is out now. Support on Bandcamp and watch the video for the title track below, by Sara Ludy.