10 Questions With… Andro

10 Questions With… A series that delves into the musical careers of some of our favourite artists, local and afar. With a particular focus on our Melodic Distraction friends and wider community, this lil natter gives us an insight into their musical escapades when they’re in their studio, not ours. 

This week we sit down with Andro, a singer & actor after releasing his debut EP ‘Conflict’. His EP, which explores the conflict we have with ourselves and our relationships, is out now and you can read more into his inspirations, both musically and non-musically as well as his visions for videography and fashion!



Hi Andro, we’re super excited about your newest EP release ‘Conflict’! Can you tell us about the ideas and themes behind it?


Thank you for the love! It means a lot. Especially on this EP. The ideas all centre around the conflict we have with ourselves and our relationships, whether platonic or romantic. In all of the songs there’s a sense of duality, the pain and the hope. And the idea of past (Physical) conflict, present (Natural) conflict and future (New Home) conflict.


What inspirations, both musically and non-musically did you draw on whilst writing this EP?


Mostly my interactions with lovers, family, and then industry are what inspired this EP.

I originally had the idea, several years ago (probably 6 years ago) that my first album would be called Mortal Conflict … loosely based around the game franchise Mortal Combat. That idea soon split into two EPs, not really centred or inspired around the game itself but based around the “games” we play in our relationships. I still wanted to incorporate the idea of “fighting” physical, or emotional, for loved ones, friends, lovers and our careers/future. I think I achieved that in both EPs.


What is your first musical memory which got you into listening to and writing music?


My first proper musical memory is being in the school choir in year 4 in primary school. Where I first realised I could sing. After that, I kept saying “I wanna be a pop star”


Do you ever get creative block? And if so, what strategies do you have to push past it?


Admittedly, I think because of such a long process of completing this EP, I’m currently experiencing creative block for the debut album. I think losing sense of the process not being “fun” can create the block. So I have to just learn to have fun with making music again, and also just have a break and LIVE again, so I can generate new memories and experiences, to write about.


Your live performances and music videos are incredible! Is there any specific videographic inspiration that you draw from to create these wonderfully cinematic videos?

Thank you. There are a lot of artists, musical and non musical that I draw from. Anything avant garde and surreal that provides juxtaposition is my favourite. Art galleries are always a massive inspiration to draw from. A lot of the time, when I’ve finished a song, I sit with it, close my eyes and just envision a narrative or visual in my minds eye, and let that take over.



Fashion also plays a huge role in your visual aesthetic, can you tell us a bit about how you view your fashion style? And do you have any particular brands that you would like to shoutout?


I view my fashion style as “whatever the hell I feel like wearing I’ll wear it”. But alot of people call me an ethereal pirate so I’m also happy with that. I’ve really loved working with Maximilian Raynor, and Anna Roggenhofer, in my visuals and press. Both extremely talented designers.


As a performer, what has been your most memorable gig that you have performed at and why?


My most memorable solo gig was supporting Jungle at O2 Brixton. That was a beautiful moment to be recognised as a solo artist as opposed to being a “backing” vocalist in Jungle.


What was the last record / tune that you bought?

Comme Des Garçons by Rina Sawayama


Do you have any pre-gig routines that you could share with us?

They’re a bit weird. But I actually live doing a Wim Hof breathing exercise before stepping in the stage. In addition to a HIIT workout and vocal warm up in the morning.


What else do you have planned for 2023?

I have just been cast in an Amazon Series so will be filming that this year. (Can’t say anymore). And will be hopefully making some more exciting acting announcements for this year too. And more solo gig performances go promote the EP and new material that will go on the debut album.



|| ANDRO ||